Blue Flame Bartending & School offers T.I.P.S certified bartenders that provide an unparalleled experience and service for your special occasions. Offering services for your catered events, private parties and corporate functions, Blue Flame Bartending knows how to set the bar. 

Blue Flame offers specialty drinks and specialty bars.   If your party is a martini bar…Blue Flame is equipped to do martinis or any specialty bar.   Blue Flame can handle small intimate parties to very large events.   Our staff are experienced bartenders and T.I.P.S. certified.  We want everyone to have fun, but in a responsible way.

Jayne and Kay at an event

In addition to our mobile bartending services, we have an extended partnership with Midlands Technical College to offer courses such as Beverage Management - Responsible Bartending School where students learn the differences in wines, beers and spirits.  Students will learn the differences in Tier I, II, III liquors. Also, they will learn mixology including the most popular drinks served. (Disclaimer: all mixed with colored water).    Also learn basic bartending skills and how to identify and handle the over-served customer. Upon completion, the student will be T.I.P.S. certified and receive a certificate of completion. 

Started in 2010 by Jayne Elmgren and Kay Chrysostom, Blue Flame Bartending is based in Columbia, South Carolina and serves all over the state and many of the surrounding areas. We are the premier mobile bartending service that caters directly to our clients by offering unique one of a kind custom designer drinks that we can create for your next event.

 Our Mission

Blue Flame Bartending, LLC

  • Strives to give the best service to its clients
  • Strives to all clients to enjoy themselves within the limits of the law
  • Strives to produce quality bartenders
  • Strives to instill maturity, responsibility, and a high level work ethic. 

Blue Flame School of Bartending teaches students the responsibilities of a good bartender.

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